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What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

Our Mid-Century Modern (MCM) American Ranch was built in 1959. So what does Mid-Century Modern mean exactly? This style of design (as in architecture and furniture) started from the late 1930's to mid-1970s characterized especially by clean lines, organic (embracing nature) and streamlined forms,. Total lack of embellishment focusing on elements vs. flamboyant drama. Simple. 

You will see mid-century modern in design in advertising and furniture. Mid-century modern Eames plastic chairs or recliners are also right at home with this design. Prices for such items have skyrocketed. It is said to be the finest incarnation of mid-century modern American architecture.

Typical design features employed by teams of architects are post-and-beam homes that featured floor-to-ceiling glass and atrium to bring in natural light and views of trees and the hills beyond. However, depending on what region you live in, it can be based on long Ranch style homes or total modern designs that are typically found in California.