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Can you see who stopped by?

The other day we had a visitor of the 4 legged kind. This fellow (or girl) I don’t know of a way to tell the difference between male or female, was dropped off by its mother. If you know, please leave a comment below of how to determine the sex of a deer (from a distance anyway).

Come to find out, deer drop off their offspring in safe areas. Then, after foraging for food will return to pick them up.

Our guest was watched over by our girls (babysitting him) with no minimum wage :). However, they enjoyed it nonetheless. They watched the fawn’s every move. For the most part, he/she stayed next to our woodpile. The girls gave it the name Samson (They like naming all of our animals that visit).

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A couple of times he ventured away from the woodpile but then he remembered what his mom told him. He made his way back to the woodpile and patiently waited for mom to return.

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On one of the excursions away from the pile, we grabbed some great pics!

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We sure do like the wildlife at My 59 Ranch!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Can you see who stopped by?”

  1. They sure did – we have seen two families. This one, and also another one with two fawns. I guess since we are in a peninsula so to speak on the lake they somewhat get trapped but also feel safe. Who knows but of course we like it.
    P.S. – Yes we are excited about your visit next week!

  2. I’ll bet the girls were really excited about this. You guys too. We’ve seen deer in our backyard before but no fawns. That was very special. See you next weekend,

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