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Replacing a Long Staircase on a Hill

I didn’t make this one of my first posts but perhaps in hindsight, it should have been. When we were in the purchasing process for our house, one of the snags we ran into was the staircase going down to the lake. We knew the stairs needed to be replaced but did not account for the bank to come back and require replacement prior to closing. As you can see, it is a long way to the top or bottom depending on which way you are going. To be exact from the beach to the top step of the deck it is 109 steps. Total of 97 steps for the staircase. I like to use 99 just to reference it is almost 100.

img 3421
A long way to the top!

So at the end of the day, the original owner was not going to pay for the steps to be repaired. They had already made enough concessions and a handshake on total costs. If we wanted to move forward it had to come out of our pocket. As you may have experienced with buying a new house it can get expensive quickly especially when talking repairs.

So with that, I asked our realtor to get the green light from the owner and we started to tear down the staircase. Then I had to find someone who could get this done in less than a week.

img 0302
You can see some of the rotten boards and why it was a requirement to get this job done.

Unfortunately, when time is critical you pay a premium for immediate help. I would not have the time nor the ability for a month or two to do this work myself. Luckily one of the contractors I used in the past, had the bandwidth to help out. We only had 5 days left. We had a tone of rain, cold and the hill was very slippery. Everything was completed and the county inspector gave us thumbs up. We were ready to close the next day!

img 0304
img 0303

Now we have no excuse to get exercise. Go up and down those stairs and it will get you in shape! We use this staircase almost daily – but at the very least weekly.

Project costs:

Tear-out and removal: $800

Build new staircase: $2,200

Until next time!

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