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Replacing Old Carpet (part 2 Dining Room)

Sometimes, just sometimes we are challenged with struggles to build character. As humans, we base our opinion on our experiences along with (for me anyway) “what we hope something is”. Why the drama in this topic? When I started pulling up the carpet in the dining room (my first post is located here) I became rather concerned and for good reason. As you can see below, the sliding door from the 90’s had been leaking and I had no idea how long.

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I knew as soon as I felt how soft the particleboard and plywood was in the corner of the door, there was going to be more work. I tried to tell myself, it’s no big deal carry on. As I proceeded, I did find as you can see above some issues but nothing to crazy to repair.

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For the most part, the particleboard and the plywood was toast. It had to be replaced. I also pulled out all of the insulation and put back clean insulation without any mildew on it.

Under the door was still a little part of the particleboard and the plywood. I got 99% out but will rely on the door installer to clean up and patch the remainder of the softwood. We will be working on new doors shortly. Great news, there are 2 2×6’s for the main exterior floor joist. Only a very small 2 inches long and maybe an inch deep was soft. Everything else was just fine! This should not be a problem at all to fix.

Ready to go for installing the wood floors.

Until next time!

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