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Everything you see here on this blog the author has chose to experiment and do this work all on my (our) own. No one influenced us and or convinced us to do anything. All of the risk is to and accepted on ourselves. The author assumes absolutely no liability if you choose to follow our foot steps and attempt anything you see on this website yourself. The author strongly urges you to do your own due diligence before attempting anything you have seen here on this website.

This website is for documentation purposes only on our property to track and understand what has been done to our home. Like you, we use free information on the Internet, on Rumble, YouTube channels etc. All information is used under the Fair Use Act established to allow people to use common public information. There are copyrighted images and video connected on our web property. Please inquire before use.

Our articles, products and services are for informational purposes. We recommend to use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals.

Affiliate Links:

We do offer direct links to products that we can (but not always do) get a commission on. This link does not cost the purchaser more for the items but rather it only affects the sellers profit. This cost is from their advertising fees. Some items could be recommended with not association or affiliate relationship as they were products connected to a project that we found useful.

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