Roof repair of collapsed section

A Simple Roof Repair You Can Do Yourself

In the intro post to this issue on our Mid-Century Modern Ranch, I talked about Roof Repair and securing the deck walkway above the roof. The walkway connects both the deck near the kitchen through the backside of the house to the dining room and walkway to our master bedroom. …

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Blackstone beer cheese

Blackstone Beer Cheese Sloppy Joe & Baked Beans

If you know blackstone griddles you know all kinds of crazy things can be made on them including this recipe for Blackstone Beer Cheese and Baked beans. I am part of MANY groups on Facebook (mainly focusing on Mid-Century and Mid-Century Modern topics). However, one group I follow is for …

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Kitchen-Aid gas grill at night with deck lighting overhead

Review Kitchen-Aid gas grill with searing side burner

If you are a grilling fan, today you will learn something you did not know about just like me and why we are talking about our Kitchen-Aid gas grill with a searing side burner. Focus in on the last part “Searing Side Burner”. If you have never used a searing …

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