Deck Walkway and Roof Repair

Deck Walkway And Roof Repair Replacing 59 Boards

Our deck walkway and roof repair project has been ongoing for some time. Overall the main portions of the deck has been updated and repaired (this blog post started the affair and is a decent overview of the deck repair). However, on the backside of the house (above the saw-tooth room, bathroom and sauna, the …

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FIX Brick or Mortar Cracking on your house or structure

Near Completion Of Repairing Our Cracked Brick Wall

A common problem, “brick or mortar cracking” on a structure could point to serious problems with your foundation. You may see cracked bricks, or mortar / masonry cracking and starting to fall out of the walls on your home or business. you might even notice cracks getting larger over time. Mortar Definition You Military guys …

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