DIY Save Money TODAY – Weatherproof your Electrical Outlets Covers

Weatherproof Electrical Outlet Covers Failed

You have a tremendous opportunity to save money today by inspecting and weatherproofing your exterior electrical outlets. Over time the weatherproofing on the outlets begins to fail. They also start to not look to attractive. If you open up the covers, you will most likely see something that could be rather dangerous. We will cover …

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Have a Leaking Toilet? – Quick 42 Min Fix

Toilet Leaking On Floor?

Would you like to wake up to see a leaking toilet on the bathroom floor? Not me. Some days it feels like home-ownership has zero rewards. I was summoned to my daughters bathroom to see a small (pretty clear thank goodness) leak on the floor. I immediately started to wonder, did the wax ring fail …

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How to Clean Mid-Century Brass Lights

How To Clean Mid-Century Brass Lights

As we continue to document the restoration of our home, we constantly discover new thinks like this one today – how to clean mid-century brass lights. It’s not exactly at the top of the to-do list, however we are working on the deck area and it was one of the eye sores. Also not 100% …

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