Blackstone beer cheese

Blackstone Beer Cheese Sloppy Joe & Baked Beans

If you know blackstone griddles you know all kinds of crazy things can be made on them including this recipe for Blackstone Beer Cheese and Baked beans. I am part of MANY groups on Facebook (mainly focusing on Mid-Century and Mid-Century Modern topics). However, one group I follow is for …

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Kitchen-Aid gas grill at night with deck lighting overhead

Review Kitchen-Aid gas grill with searing side burner

If you are a grilling fan, today you will learn something you did not know about just like me and why we are talking about our Kitchen-Aid gas grill with a searing side burner. Focus in on the last part “Searing Side Burner”. If you have never used a searing …

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Harmoney Ridge Farm Tobaccoville North Carolina

How to Support Your Community Farmers – Harmony Ridge Farms

You may not live in the country or in a city that has access to local farmers but supporting your community farmers is key to having a free and open society. In recent years, the focus to get everything from big box stores has increased more and more. Think about …

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Kabobs on grill

Chicken kabobs on Blackstone Griddle is Amazing

Chicken kabobs on Blackstone Griddle is great in concept but I don’t think it can beat a gas or charcoal grill. A friend of mine over at Crafted Cook has been posting recipes of him cooking on the Blackstone Griddle. Check his site out if you have a chance. As …

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