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Chic Mid-Century Broyhill Brasilia Dressers, Consoles, and Sideboards

Discover the epitome of mid-century modern furniture with Broyhill, a name synonymous with timeless design and quality craftsmanship. As a leader in solid wood mid-century furniture, Broyhill’s legacy extends far and wide.

But my personal connection to Broyhill goes beyond admiration. In my youth, I had the unexpected pleasure of working on Ed Broyhill’s XJ-S V12 convertible Jaguar during my time at the local “Custom Car Hi-Fi” shop. This wasn’t just any shop; it was renowned in North Carolina for its expertise in high-fidelity sound systems and meticulous attention to detail. Mr. Broyhill, with his discerning taste, appreciated our commitment to achieving a seamless blend of factory aesthetics and superior audio performance.

Reflecting on that time, memories flood back as I stumble upon a similar model while browsing Bring a Trailer. The interior of the Jaguar instantly transports me back to the scent of luxurious leather that permeated the air. A fragrance truly unique to these classic cars. Ah, the power of nostalgia!

Ed informed us a couple of days into having the car that he needed it for an event that weekend. Despite our busy schedule, we adapted and ended up pulling an all-nighter on a Friday. By 10 AM the next morning, the car was pristine and ready to go, much to his delight.

Years later, a friend found himself living in Mr. Broyhill’s garage apartment as a favor to his dad, offering a pleasant respite for a high school kid. Little did I anticipate another encounter with the Broyhill name. Though I crossed paths with Ed occasionally, my knowledge of the furniture company was minimal, and I never imagined owning a piece of their furniture. Side note: Ed was the great grandson of the Broyhill furniture founder (1903) Edgar Broyhill.

Fast forward to years later, as we scoured for authentic Mid-Century furniture for our home, we stumbled upon an original, impeccably maintained piece: the Broyhill Brasilia Sculpted Walnut Sideboard/Credenza. Its rarity and iconic status, though once overlooked, resonated deeply. Many credit it as the catalyst for other companies’ Mid-Century designs, making it a true gem to behold.

More Information On Broyhill Furniture

Broyhill Furniture North Carolina
Broyhill Furniture Industries was founded in Lenoir, North Carolina by brothers Thomas H. and James Edgar “Ed” Broyhill. The company is known for its iconic mid-century modern designs, particularly the Brasilia line, which was introduced at the Seattle World’s Fair. The Brasilia series features clean lines, organic shapes, and simplicity, reflecting the mid-century modern style conventions.
One of the notable lines from Broyhill’s mid-century era is the Saga, introduced in 1964. The Saga line features clean lines, tapered legs, and a distinctive starburst design, making it a standout piece of furniture. The furniture was designed to be functional and versatile, with a range of pieces including dressers, chests, bookcases, and dining sets.
Broyhill’s mid-century designs are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts

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Broyhill Furniture Items on Etsy

Interesting enough you can see their influence on Etsy stores. There are furniture replicas, real original pieces available and other knickknacks. So if you fancy a nightlight and family name wall art they all use this style. It is truly an iconic and authentic Mid-century design is truly timeless. Fun fact: the curved wood on the doors serves a practical purpose; it allows you to slide your hand in for opening without ever touching the visible surface.

Our Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard / Credenza

Our piece was already in excellent condition; a few touch-ups and some polishing for the brass pulls were all that was needed. Being a lowboy model, it sits approximately 2-3 inches lower to the floor compared to other models—a characteristic common in many Mid-Century furniture pieces, aimed at creating a sense of spaciousness in rooms.

After agreeing on a price, they would refinish and deliver the unit to our house. Considering the quality of the sideboard, it falls within the 75% average price range for units in similar condition. However, prices for these pieces can soar up to $5000, as evidenced by examples found on websites like the one in Chicago. , showcasing some remarkable pieces that would blend seamlessly into our space.

Delivered to our house and other items

So delivery day came and we were overjoyed to see the completed item. Not only did it fit our entrance way perfectly but it fit in with our 1959 Mid-Century Modern Ranch. When we were there, we also picked up a slat bench and a bedroom set for my oldest daughters room. All of them were refinished to be next to new. We could not be happier. You can find them locally here in triad – JD Salvager

In the end, Mid-Century iconic designs can unexpectedly grace our lives, especially when they enhance our experience in our MCM Home. Broyhill’s legacy speaks volumes, as their Mid-Century designs continue to influence contemporary aesthetics. We hope you enjoyed this brief journey into our encounter with timeless design.

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