Fall at our home

The leaves are just starting to turn here. Last year we were still working on purchasing this house and in final negotiations. These pictures were from a couple of times we visited. This was also one of the final nails in the coffin that made us fall in love with the property.

Fall, maybe my favorite time of the year. The temperature, Color of the leaves and a sense of change is always nice… Oh and a hint of winter with the smell of someone starting a fire off in the distance. Which reminds me I need to sweep my chimney! It was covered properly but it needs cleaning!

Fall at our home
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The large trees in our yard give off a great light and shadow show filled with color. Just an amazing quiet and peaceful view.

Fall at our home
This panorama is a little large but shows the wonderful view from the side of our deck.

As fall starts here, I will be sure to catch all of the brilliance of what is around us. This year should be great as it was wet earlier this year and then dry the past month. If my memory serves me well – that makes for great leaf color.

Until next time…

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