Our first snow of the season!

With no snow this winter and mild temperatures we were wondering if any snow would make it to Lewisville, NC. Well as our luck would have it we did at get a dusting of snow.

Our girls were as happy as they could be.

Even the cats got in on the game… they sat there for hours just staring at this odd white thing floating to the ground. Free entertainment for them.

It was nice to see the winter weather to return and go away (was up to the mid-60’s this week) back down to the 30’s through the weekend. While we don’t mind the warmer weather, and our energy bill is lower we all would not mind one good snowfall of 8″ or more.

Here is one of my favorite views of the lake in the morning. The back of our house faces almost due north, and we sit in a valley. When the morning light rises, the sky fills in light from the sun on the back of the house over the lake. It is always a beautiful sight. The intense shadows and orange color from the sun looks amazing.

I know we will be in spring before you know it, but I personally would like to hold onto winter a little longer. I hope you are enjoying winter at your house.

Until next time!

4 years ago

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