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Health Hack – Juicing Carrots at 2AM

At about 2AM, I typically find myself thinking about the next project. I always have… I don’t know if it the stress from my job and the need to disconnect or what. Am I wishing and dreaming things will change or doing what is needed? I am sure many of you can relate. Sometimes, my next project is my health. In this example I will talk a little about juicing carrots to improve my health.

About 2 years ago (maybe a little more) one of my best friends (Neil) and I started talking more about our health. We often discuss two paths.

  1. How can we be more fit in general – remove the dad bod from our lives.
  2. Increase our overall wellness.

We don’t want to work for most of our lives only to find we can’t enjoy retirement due to illness or not being fit. After all, God gives us many tools at our grasp if only we reach out to use them. So what is at our hands to be more healthy? How do we stop wishing to be healthier and start doing what we need to do?


Quite simply it take us down the road to food in many cases. Portion control, high quality nutrient rich foods (non-processed food) and juicing. Lets take a look at juicing. We both have done various methods trying the NUTRiBullet blenders to make great smoothies for breakfast.

NUTRiBullet Shake


  • Carrots
  • Handful of spinach
  • Handful of kale
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • 1 Radish
  •  Pineapple
  • Some rolled oats

If you are using this as a meal replacement and or not thinking this is what it is for, you need to think for a moment. This shake can be very high in nutrients but also it is high in calories. Mainly from the fruit, which is made up of natural sugar. This sugar while good for you in many ways can add up to a large amount a calories that you can’t use.

I do recommend not having more that 1.5 cups of fruit. I always try to have the main ingredient some type of vegetable vs. focusing on the fruit.

Then finally, juicing – not the fake buy it from the store and hope it has real ingredients with no fillers but real, honest to God kind of juicing.

Real. Raw. Fruits and vegetables. Fresh from a local farmers market if possible.

Carrots Vitamins and Minerals

Carrot juice- that is right that crazy long orange root. With all of the vitamins and minerals it can muster. Recently my standard go to has been a drink that I take every morning (basically a little larger than a shot glass) maybe one cup.

Carrots are known for improving eyesight because of their high vitamin A content. However, vitamin A also promotes healthy brain, cellular and lung growth. With 60,142 international units, or IU, of vitamin A in a single serving of carrot juice, the vegetable more than lives up to its healthy reputation. You also consume 119 milligrams of calcium, 43 milligrams of iron, 1,152 milligrams of potassium, 248 milligrams of sodium, and trace amounts of vitamin C, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin E per serving. In other words, it is good for you.

You can buy (juice) or DIY.. what to get?

  1. Carrots (Organic on Amazon $0.74 per lb.)
  2. A juicer – we have Breville BJE200XL (Amazon’s Choice)
  3. A glass storage bottle to keep it fresh.
PSX 20200124 025106
Wash your carrots and only remove the worst part.
PSX 20200124 025119
Grab your trusty juicer
PSX 20200124 025134
Get to juicing, it will take less than 5 minutes and a handful of carrots.
Carrot juice in a glass bottle

What can I tell you since I started drinking this fine wine? First and foremost my eyes don’t get as tired as often. I initially was a little shocked at how much they improved. If I run out of juice for a week I can really tell. In general I have been a little more resistant to colds. It just seems to help my immune system. I don’t have scientific data to prove this but I can tell you I have felt better, with less head colds this year.

Let me know your thoughts below. Have you tried juicing? What kind and what affects did you see from it?

I encourage you to get out there, buy some carrots and start doing some things for your health. Stop wishing for things to change and make the CHOICE to change. Cheers and drink up!.

Until next time…

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