MCM Atomic rocking chair in RED leather

Danish High-Back Rocking Chair in Rosewood

In this weeks post I saw this ATOMIC DANISH HIGH-BACK ROCKING CHAIR that caught my eye. This is part of a series where we explore furniture from the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s. Many of the selected pieces are what we find interesting, that were made in Sweden or Denmark. This Danish styled modern high-back rocking chair is part of the Mid-Century Mobler company’s unfinished block of furniture.

Being unfinished gives the customer a look at the furniture in it’s original condition. For an important piece of furniture, you may want to keep it all original. However, you have the option to have the piece restored to look like new. For this rocking chair, it costs an additional $800. It really depends on what you like, and if it makes sense to have it restored. So think about, how would you use this chair? Every day, or frequently? If so, I would say have the foam, leather redone plus refinish the wood. Your choice of fabrics or leather is available in multiple colors. Then you can request the stain for the wood to be more traditional. I can see it could be even more amazing than what it is now. Maybe lighter stain and black leather? So many options. However you can use the help from Mid-Century Mobler’s professionals to help you get the right look you want.

I could also kick myself, I saw one of these on Craigslist for roughly $500. I could kick myself now seeing price of this chair. I think it was in very similar condition, but it had pink leather that turned me away.

Mid Century Møbler is one of the leading Mid Century furniture dealers in the United States, specializing in vintage 1950s and 1960s modern furniture imported from Scandinavia and Europe. Our collection is hand-selected on regular buying trips to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, Scotland, France, and Italy.

Source – Mid-Century Mobler


Origin: Denmark
Designer: Unknown
Manufacturer:  Unknown
Era: 1960s
Materials: Rosewood
Measurements: 26″ wide x 32″ deep x 35″ tall
Seat: 22″ wide x 19″ deep x 16.5″ tall
Condition: In good original condition with some cosmetic wear (will be addressed in restoration)

Restoration Includes:
• Refinish Frame
• New custom upholstery with fresh foam and material (inquire for available fabrics and physical samples)

This chair is being offered for sale for $3,800

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This Red Leather Atomic Rocking Chair won’t last long!


Danish High-Back Rocking Chair in Rosewood


Overall, this item has real potential to bring a wow factor into any room. The clean lines of the wood, that wrap around and connect to each other is an atomic modern classic. The red leather could be re-died and patched. It all depends on the condition of the foam. IF you have Mid-Century Mobler restore this item, it would be amazing. – HOW would you rate this chair? 5 starts you could see it in your MCM Home, 1 star I’ll pass.


If you see something like this, that peaks your interest, drop us a line we would love to showcase your find. We typically search on CraigslistFacebook Marketplace or Ebay. If you find something cool, use the contact us form. We will showcase your name (only if you like) to give you credit for the find. Who knows how this will evolve but we are excited to capture and share with you great items and homes.

Happy hunting on finding your next MCM piece of furniture and drop us a line if you run across something unique and interesting!

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