Mildew growth on decking surface and patior furniture

EASILY Destroy and Remove Mold and Mildew in 30 Seconds

If like our house we get mold and mildew that is a pain to remove mold and mildew with out much success. That is until we came across this product that can take as little as 30 seconds. We hope we are past the monsoon season here in NC. It has been raining and raining forever. The latest joke during time change was “At least we have one less hour of rain”. So true and sad. With all the rain, it means that mold and mildew thrive. We have somewhat always here in the south had this problem… however the past year or so has been so moist that we actively had to treat our entire house vs. just spot cleaning.

Have you ever had that fuzzy green stuff or dark mold growing on the side of your house? How about on the eaves and trim? Maybe on your deck and patio furniture? How about ugly dark stains on your roof? Well, this blog post is for you… I will show you before and after pictures that will blow your mind. We use this frequently to remove mold and mildew on our property.

One of our NUMBER 1 Products we recommend:

  • 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner cleans stains from Algae, Mold & Mildew, grimy green, slippery black, algae, moss, mildew, and mold from all outdoor surfaces
  • Works on a variety of different surfaces: Cleans wood decks, steps, siding, gutters, fences, pathways, wood, painted surfaces, concrete sidewalks, asphalt driveways, brick walls, most canvas awnings, plastic outdoor furniture, vinyl siding & more
  • Safe to use around your lawn and plants when used as directed as it breaks down once rinsed into the soil.
  • Just spray on and hose off! No more pressure washing. In some cases, I just spray it on slightly more diluted and leave it. Especially IF it is an area that will get wet the next rain and it is somewhat neutral in color. NONE of these photos have been altered in ANY way. They are straight from the camera and to this web page!
You Can use 30 Seconds Cleaner and eliminate the need of a Pressure Washer

I use this product ALL over the place and I am amazed at how much is actually just mold and mildew on our planet. This product can save you time, money and effort.

Gallery of how 30 second cleaner can remove mold and mildew

In this example you can see it would not take long to save thousands of dollars. I have had several contractors tell me… Well, we can pressure wash but then we would need to paint. The siding might need to be addressed also once it dries out before painting. The pictures of the deck and deck furniture, the replacement cushions were over $300 each. There was literally nothing wrong with them, they just needed cleaning. I dropped the sprayer mixed up, ready to go at his house. He was calling me back later that day singing to high Heaven how great this product is.

How to use 30 Second Cleaner to remove Mold and Mildew

small how to remove mildew

How to: Use 30 Second Cleaner to Remove Mold and Mildew

Time for job 30 minutes

Select Clothing And Protection
1st Step

Wear clothes that you don’t care about. Dark colored (even light color) clothing will get misted on and it will make spots. Wear eye protection, a hat and also a mask if you are in a closed in area. This stuff is strong and can easily overtake you.

Apply 30 Seconds Cleaner
Step 2 DIY two step

Spray in a counter clockwise fashion, starting on walls from the bottom up. Key note: DO NOT spray into the wind.

Rinsing The Surface and Time
Step 3 in DIY third step

For my siding, I mix the recommended 50/50 mix. I spray using the fan nozzle tip from my Solo Sprayer. It can take literally 30 seconds. However the pro tip is to see and know that when the surface starts to turn a shade of red it is killing the mold and mildew. You may need to hit the surface again. Depending on the surface rinse thoroughly. Like the cushions above, you need to rinse properly as this CAN rot the seams. I have also added it to a premix bottle connected to a hose. Spray, wait for a few minutes and rinse. Done!

Perfect Finish
4rth step in DIY fourth step

If you can, grab your blower to quickly dry the surface (especially if you rinse). I find this not only helps the surface dry quicker but it also seems to help the remaining cleaner on the surface longer. This helps the in between time of treatment. If you have windows and you washed the area around your windows (like our Mid-Century Modern house with huge windows) – grab you squeegee and clean them.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope this how to will help you remove mold and mildew from your troubled spot. I have to treat our house a couple times a year. This is a fool proof method that is repeatable with a positive outcome. I know you will enjoy this product.

Until next time…

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