Shrink Wrap on patio Door

Shrink Wrap Windows And Doors To Save Hundreds During The Brutal Cold Winter

Who ever thought shopping for a bulb could lead to shrink wrap saving you Hundreds of dollars on your heating bill? As I was browsing Home Depot I ran across a $5 dollar clearance item that could save us money. Apparently someone took it home, opened it, and returned it. This equalled a cool $2 off.

I quickly thought, could we use this? Find a drafty door or window? Then I immediately thought about my daughters room with drafty french doors. The exact same door we have in our kitchen. Both of them are in need of replacement and are on the list of things to do, but we have not made it there yet. My guess is they are from late 70’s into the 80’s doors. They are double pain and you can feel a breeze when going past them.

So my mind went directly to her room. It always is colder because 3 sides are exterior walls. I then saw on the box “Save Up TO $500 ON HOME ENERGY COSTS*” Scam alarms went off. I thought there is no way it would save anything. But the curiosity in me and the need to teach the girls a thing or two about scams.

What Comes in the Frost King Shrink Wrap Window Kit?

  1. Box with instructions
  2. Plastic Shrink Wrap (this was for a door)
  3. Double sided tape

Installation of the Frost King Kit (5 minutes)

A day or two passed and the cold winter settling in (here in NC means 40 degree highs with lows into the 20’s). One evening I was out coming home late and it had already dipped into the 30’s, which reminded me to get this kit out.

This one is really easy to do, I recommend two things. Have one other person and a heat gun. The other person to help hold the tape while you stick it to the surface of your Door or Windows. Then that same person to help hold the Shrink Wrap as you attach it to the surface / tape.

  1. Take the tape and start to roll it out onto the surface. My plan was to go across both doors including the center door opening (as we do not open it during the winter). Just do a tight outline of the windows (or you may almost with this kit do a whole door). It was almost big enough to cover a full sized 6ft door. now remove the other side of the double sided tape.
  2. With one person holding the other side of the Shrink Wrap, start at a top corner and press the shrink wrap against the tape. Keep in mind the tighter the better.
  3. Use a heat gun on the Shrink Wrap. In order to make it clear unless you have a very hot hair drier you need to use a heat gun. This made our very tight and clear when done.

Results of Frost Kings Shrink Wrap for Doors and Windows

I first noticed the draft from outside stopped immediately. Like gone. I thought it was being caused by the door seals, but no dice it was just simply the inefficient windows.

That close up shows you how clear this shrink wrap film is… I can’t wait to capture a picture during the day.

Overall, if you can get this for $5 or the retail price of $7.97 either way I think you won’t be disappointed. Doors or windows alike a simple item that may not save you $500 but I do believe it is well worth the expense to stop a draft and or make the house a little more comfortable.

Affiliate Links (Amazon)

  1. Frost King V73/3H Shrink Window Kit, Indoor, 42 x 62 in, 3-Pack, Clear, 3 Count ($5.89)
  2. Frost King V76H Shrink Large Window or Door Kit 84-Inch by 110-Inch, Clear

IF you have any insulation tips, drop them below – we all want to be a little warmer especially when our heating / electric bills are so high.

Until next time!

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