Air Conditioning Service and Your Allergies

In the summer months are you subscribing to an air conditioning service? Did you know this service of inspecting the HVAC unit in your home is important? Did you know that a UV lighting system can help you deal with allergies? I wrote about our HVAC UV lighting system on my other blog, and to be honest I don’t think I can say enough about these devices. IF you know ANYONE who breathes you need this in your HOME. YES that would be YOU. Buy this TODAY and you will thank me later. Here is the rest of the story.

HVAC Air conditioning service and your allergies HVAC UV Light
Here is an example of a TopTech HVAC UV lighting system looks like installed. Notice it is installed above the AC Coil.

Since I was young, I would get a cold just by someone walking by me every Fall, Winter, and Spring (not to mention allergy season). When our oldest was born, she had repeated head and chest colds… and I thought she had the gift that I always struggled with. That is until we had a TopTech UV light installed 4 Summers ago in our old house.

Unfortunately, we had a failure of our AC unit and needed assistance from a technician. As he was working on our, he noticed that the coils and the inside of the AC unit (where the fan is), had a build-up of mold and other growing substances not known to mankind. He recommended UV Germicide unit from TopTech and said that they have been having great success with it cleaning the AC Coils/drains and over time would treat and clean the air handler and duct-work. In other words, clean the entire path air goes through in your house! This will improve the air quality over time (it took about 3 months in our house) – and it will smell like a fresh rain shower on a Summer day.

Why does this matter? IF you are like me, you may have upgraded your home to be airtight with high efficient doors and windows. However, this means that the inside air is not exchanged as often and becomes dirty. Most new homes have an air ex-changer built in as part of the HVAC system to get fresh air in – but an older home like ours, (built in the ’80s), is not that sophisticated. If you combine my immune system with less fresh air, then you get a perfect storm to keep you sick all the time.

Where are UV lights used today? Did you know they are being used in water tanks for drinking water, swimming pools- (as big as a city pool) to treat the water and reduce or eliminate chlorine, and standalone air conditioners etc. So why not use these lights to scrub your air and ducts in your home?

Best Deal UV D200 Air Purifier Whole House Uv Light in Duct for Hvac Ac (Air Conditioning) Duct Germicidal Filter

Some details from the manufacture TopTech: TopTech’s TT-UV24 will provide you with years of safe, dependable, economical UV light disinfection and protection of your AC coil surfaces from bacteria, virus, mold growth, and odors resulting in a cleaner, more efficient energy-saving system.
An in-Duct Photocatalytic Oxidation UV Air Purifier Kills up to 99.9% of existing mold, mildew, and airborne viruses. It will prevent them from ever growing again and spreading. By killing and preventing airborne contaminants you will be less susceptible to allergies, asthma, breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, neurological problems and other long-term health problems caused by mold, mildew and airborne viruses.

Here is what I have used in our house:

  1. TopTech – our first unit still working in our old house.
  2. Best Deal – In our current house.
  3. Stand Alone room treatment LAMP – used before we moved in (VERY POWERFUL).

My story may not be average and results are subjected to your environment. However, I can tell you we are excited to see the results and happier to not be sick all the time. When inspecting the duct-work, drains and condenser coil you can tell it is cleaner (not just a little but it almost looks like new). The air conditioner condensate pump needed to be cleaned out periodically because of bacteria and mold growth. At the end of the Summer last year, I did NOT need to clean it out as the water was crystal clear.

I have not been sick all year compared to previous years. When I say “Not”, I am saying just very little (maybe just a headache or two). My daughter and I would get chest colds that would require breathing treatments, none needed so far. I believe from what I have read, our immune system being hit time and time again and never had a chance to recover. I hope that this helps anyone else who suffers from allergies and or seems to catch colds at the drop of a hat.

To install follow these three simple steps:
1. Find where the coil is in your HVAC unit and open the side panel.
2. The TopTech unit uses a magnet to secure it to your unit and find a mounting location. OR for other models, drill a hole ABOVE where the coil is. IF you don’t feel comfortable call a professional.
3. Close the door and run the wires to your power supply (where the fan is connected (follow the enclosed instructions). Some models just plug into an extension cord.

I recommend that you have a skilled technician do the install. However, if you can follow simple instructions it is really no big deal. If you can’t you should hire someone for peace of mind to ensure you don’t electrocute yourself.

If I could give you a money back guarantee I would – this is one of the best purchases I have ever made for our home hands down.

Until next time!

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