Adrian Pearsall glass coffee table

Mid-Century “JACKS” Cocktail Table by Adrian Pearsall

Have you been looking for the perfect MCM Cocktail Table for your home? One of the things I appreciate about MCM styled items is they can literally go with any decor and style. This timeless piece makes me think it can fit with ultra modern as well as Mid-Century designed homes.

This weeks post is found on the Asheville, NC Craigslist. I have found several things around the country and post them to our Pinterest account. You can check them out here: Last week we had featured the Mid-Century Electric Credenza Bar by Alfons Doerr.

Designer of the Cocktail Table

Craft Associates logo

About the designer:
Adrian Pearsall
founded Craft Associates in Pennsylvania in 1952 to manufacture his own designs. By the late 1950’s his designs incorporating walnut became hugely popular and cemented Pearsall as a Designer to be reckoned with. He had great flair as a designer and was brave and modern in his approach.
Born:September 18, 1925, Trumansburg, New York
Died:Sept 6, 2011
Occupation: Architect, furniture designer

Adrian Pearsall “Jacks” cocktail table

This table looks amazing… can you see this sitting in your living room? You can see the craftsmanship and quality that goes into the construction of these tables.


We also need your help. If you see an item on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay  – let us know. We will showcase your name (only if you like) to give you credit for the find. Who knows how this will evolve but we are excited to capture and share with you great items and homes.

I had the thought on Coffee or Cocktail table – and looked it up, here is what I found. “A cocktail table is described as square or rectangular in the shape of its top. It is often implied that these tables are more elegant, sophisticated pieces that have slighter proportions than a coffee table. But in today’s marketplace you will find the names used interchangeably with, in most cases, no discernible difference between the two.”

Happy hunting on finding your next MCM piece of furniture and drop us a line if you run across something unique and interesting!

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